Help Hackney and Tower Hamlets Councils to reject the Bishopsgate Goodsyard development at their Planning Committees at 6.30pm (Hackney Town Hall, Mare St E8 1EA) or at 7pm (Tower Hamlets Town Hall, Mulberry Place, E14 2BG) this Thursday 10th December. 

“We want everyone who cares about the area to rally to the cause, go the meetings of both Councils and help Boris to see the light on this development.”

Though Boris Johnson has taken over the decision on this £800 million scheme, the two councils will formally review the planning application at public committee hearings and will lodge their own conclusions.  

Both Councils' planning officers recommend REFUSAL of the development plans on a number of different grounds. These include the height of towers, overshadowing, lack of affordable housing, viability figures, lack of family-sized housing (3-bed and over), size of flats, the impacts on surrounding conservation areas and the Tower of London World Heritage Site.

"Local people are furious about the disastrous Goodsyard proposals - 10,000 people have already signed petitions against the scheme -  so it’s fantastic that both boroughs are going ahead with the process of reviewing this planning application – despite the fact that Boris has called it in" says David Donoghue of the MoreLightMorePower campaign. 

"Local decision making is vital, especially in considering the very real need for more affordable housing in the boroughs and better, more flexible business spaces. We want to make the Goodsyard great – to provide as much local housing and as many local jobs as possible. The proposed tower blocks – almost as high as Canary Wharf, offer nothing and will literally cast a dark shadow over the area for decades to come."