As developers put forth a scheme, one of the key considerations is financial viability.  Developers submit to the local council a study of the costs and projected returns from the proposed project.

This is often the most important document as part of the entire approval process, as developers will argue that unless their scheme is approved as-proposed it will not be financially viable.  They will argue that any changes render the scheme unprofitable.

So, obviously a public study of financial viability of any project - like the Goodsyard - should clearly be a part of any public consultation.  For how can the public make an educated decision without all the key information.

And that's where the process goes wrong.  Developers, and indeed councils, often claim that the financial viability study contains commercially confidential information.  Ie we as the public will just have to trust that the numbers are right.  Even Wall Street doesn't get away with this approach.

Many folks aligned with our campaign have been pushing for release of the Goodsyard financial viability study.  After months of being thwarted, a limited document was recently released.

The vast majority of this document consists of blank, black pages.  To get a sense of the preposterous document, check out this video HERE of page after page of nothingness.

Ultimately it's all just "trust us".  It's like looking for numbers in a black hole.