Dear Sirs,

The Bishopsgate Goodsyard

 PA/14/02011, PA/14/02096 (Tower Hamlets) and 2014/2425, 2014/2427 (Hackney) 

 I strongly object to this planning application for the following reasons:

HEIGHT AND MASSING: At 46 and 38 storeys for the two main towers and 30, 26, 24 and 17 storeys for others, the height of the development is dramatically out of scale with the surrounding area.  It will harm the setting of the surrounding five conservation areas and their many listed buildings. The massing is overwhelming and has no relationship to the adjacent, mainly small, plot sizes and low buildings.

DESIGN: The generic tower blocks will appear out of place and do not respond at all to the local character of the surrounding areas. The developers say it will be “a new place with its own distinct scale, identity and character” which is contrary to the planning guidance for the site issued by Hackney and Tower Hamlets. 

DEMOLITION: A large amount of 19th-century historic fabric that survives on the site will be demolished, including many of the brick arches and the notable Victorian wall that runs along Commercial Street.

IMPACT ON LIGHT: 43% of the existing surrounding buildings surveyed by the developer’s consultants will suffer major loss of sunlight. Most of the residential area to the north, including the Boundary Estate, will be cast into shadow by the towers for many months. Obviously, this is completely unacceptable.

The proposed green space will be in shadow during the afternoon and evening throughout the summer, making it much less attractive than promised.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: The small amount of affordable housing - 10% suggested - is unacceptable and nowhere near the Council’s requirements.

EMPLOYMENT SPACE: The development will not meet the need for affordable workspace and threatens to push out the small-scale independent businesses.