The Spitalfields Society has responded to the Tower Hamlets council final consultation on the revised planning application for the Bishopsgate Goodsyard with a series of devastating criticisms.

The Society’s latest objections cover the excessive height of the buildings, overshadowing and loss of light, the poor quality of accommodation, lack of affordable housing, poor connectivity, addition of even more offices creating gross over-development and lack of public access to a site owned by the public.

“If it were to be approved in its current form I believe our councils - officers, members and Mayors - would become a national laughing stock," says Rupert Wheeler, a leading member of the Society’s Executive Committee and himself an architect.
An earlier objection letter concluded that “this was the most poorly conceived and damaging development that this Society has ever been asked to review.”
The latest amendments, says Wheeler, have not addressed any of those objections and as a consequence “We therefore repeat our request to the Council that this application be refused outright. We also repeat our request that this highly significant site be the subject of a properly consulted masterplan by the two authorities working in partnership that might guide a far more sensitive, detailed and sustainable form of development of which all of London can be proud.

The Spitalfields Society have urged all Londoners to sign the More Light More Power petition calling for the plans to be rejected.


You can also read the original objection letter by the Spitalfields Society here.


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