Norton Folgate and the Goodsyard are connected by the City of London's expansion plans but they are two different sites. The More Light More Power campaign is about the GOODSYARD. See more below.

Norton Folgate is a 2 acre in Spitalfields, currently leased by British Land from the Corporation of London. The collection of warehouse buildings and houses was assembled by the Corporation as part of a code-named Operation Glasgow where they acquired properties in order to build a large site for offices, which could join with the Goodsyard. The aim was the compete with Canary Wharf and attract major business occupiers.

British Land wants to build a series of 9-13 storey blocks that entail demolition of approximately 70% of the existing buildings on the site, which are within the Elder Street conservation area. The SAVE Norton Folgate campaign proposes repair and reuse, not demolition, and in the summer of 2015, 500 people joined hands around the site to highlight this. Boris Johnson called in the application and overturned Tower Hamlets' refusal of the scheme in early February 2016 but a judicial review of his decision is going ahead.  

The Norton Folgate site with the proposed 11 acre Bishopsgate Goodsyard site to the north. 

new view elder st.jpg

The view of the proposed Goodsyard towers from Norton Folgate site in Elder Street.