MORE LIGHT MORE POWER HAS A MANIFESTO for the future of the Bishopsgate Goodsyard

Hammerson's failed application for a forest of towers is apparently still in the Mayor's offices.
But nobody wants another unsustainable dinosaur development!  This is a real opportunity to do something inspirational in London. Written in collaboration with other local groups and individuals OUR DRAFT MANIFESTO outlines the kind of place we want to see.

Read the draft manifesto here and send us your contributions to the discussion.


(May 2016) More Light More Power campaign has written to new London Mayor Sadiq Khan calling for him to reject outright the current planning application for Bishopsgate Goodsyard, deferred by Mayor Johnson on April 13 2016.

We believe it to be a wholly redundant scheme.

We fully support GLA planning officers' April recommendation to REFUSE the application. Ultimately, we believe this uniquely positioned site is capable of becoming a world class centre of innovative, environmentally sensitive, inspiring, educational and sustainable tech-based urban regeneration that will make local people, businesses, the borough councils, the GLA and the new Mayor proud to have been associated with it.

Additional points have also been made in comments by more than 11,000 objectors signing petitions against the scheme and included in the 500 plus letters sent to the councils.

The Goodsyard is public land owned by Network Rail. It should have an exemplary development that is a beneficial to all, but this can only happen if the current planning application is refused. So bad is the scheme that we, along with Hackney and Tower Hamlets boroughs, do not believe that it is a question of minor alterations. It should be rejected outright and a wholly new masterplan, design and development proposal, produced collectively by the boroughs, local communities, businesses, cultural, tech, environmental and other experts.

Together we believe we can make the Goodsyard GREAT!


At around 5pm on April 13 2016 we heard that the Mayor, Boris Johnson, would not decide on the Goodsyard before he left office. The developers Hammerson and Ballymore asked him to defer the decision, "to allow them to amend the application in line with the Mayor's planning officers' Stage 3 report". See the applicants letter and the Mayor's response.

More Light More Power declared a victory for the community in preventing permission being granted for this very damaging scheme - but minor amendments are not enough and the applicant should now go back to the drawing board to have any chance of creating something worthy of the Goodsyard site. 

We are looking to a new Mayor of London to be the turning-point for a new vision, ideally returning the scheme to the boroughs for determination. The new Mayor must also introduce transparency into planning and move from developer-led planning to pro-London planning for the benefit of all.

Link to our statement on the Planning Report

In September 2015 the Mayor of London Boris Johnson removed the right of Hackney and Tower Hamlets to decide on the Bishopsgate Goodsyard development by issuing a "Call-in". In a mockery of democracy, he alone would decide this £800 million scheme. If he approved the proposal, a faceless mega-complex of luxury towers would do irreversible damage to Shoreditch and cast giant shadows over the area, while not providing the housing that is needed.

Hackney and Tower Hamlets Councils oppose the plans as well as local councillors and MPs, over 11,000 people who have signed petitions, over 700 letter-writers and over 150 local businesses. 

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