Our mission is to promote inspired and innovative development of the Goodsyard, as it’s crucial to meeting housing and commercial needs. Thus, at our core we...

  • Support the high-density development of the Goodsyard with well-designed mid-rise buildings that offer liveable housing and promote urban vitality with healthier and happier communities;
  • Believe the development of the Goodsyard can be commercially viable, yet still integrate with surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Want a thriving tech city (high-tech and artisan production) based in appropriately sized, affordable spaces and, most importantly.... We want to make the Goodsyard great!
    Ditch the Towers - Inspired Mid-Rise Architecture - Open the Site - Keep it Local - Tech City Not Ghost City - 
    Keep it Productive and Creative - Keep it Affordable - Respect the History

We are a mixed community of residents and businesses who are passionate about East London and work hard to enhance, promote and protect it. OPEN Shoreditch is co-ordinating the More Light, More Power campaign.

OPEN's purpose is to promote excellence in the quality of the built environment, the provision of transportation and the provision of amenities, and to ensure
that changes to these have proper regard to the needs of residents and businesses and the maintenance of a sustainable residential and business community.